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  State Officers  

Are You Interested in Becoming a State Officer?      
Becoming a State FFA Officer is one of the highest honors in the Virginia FFA Association. As a State Officer, you will be representing over 13,000 members in Virginia on the State and National levels.

Are You Virginia's Next National Officer Candidate?      
The decision to run for a National FFA Office is not an easy one. The selection process will be conducted similar to the National Officer Candidate process at National Convention. 

Our Past State & National FFA Officers      
NameDate AddedSize
1927-1930 7/11/2022 405 KB
1930-1940 7/11/2022 506 KB
1940-1950 7/11/2022 511 KB
1950-1960 7/11/2022 526 KB
1960-1970 7/11/2022 539 KB
1970-1980 7/11/2022 540 KB
1970-1980 7/11/2022 540 KB
1980-1990 7/11/2022 526 KB
1990-2000 7/11/2022 522 KB
2000-2010 3/20/2023 407 KB
2010-2020 7/11/2022 489 KB
2020-2030 7/11/2022 387 KB
Past National Officers 1/24/2023 316 KB
Past NFA National Officers 1/31/2023 156 KB

State Officer Information
Learn more about our state officer team by clicking on their biographies below:
Emily Jenkins - State President
Makenna Garrett - Secretary
Jill Reiter - V. President
Gabriella Martin - V. President
Jordan Petrie - V. President
Elizabeth Bates - V. President
Carly Thomas - Treasurer
Savannah Goodwin - Reporter
Katie Powell - Sentinel


Request a State Officer Visit
A request for State Officer visits must be submitted using the form below. 

**Please note that all requests should be made with two weeks notice. If there is not two weeks notice the visit may be denied. Thank you!**

Visit Request Form
Evaluation Form

Visits can include a workshop. Please check back for workshop offerings.

Current Workshop Offerings
** Please check back for updates for scheduling visits for 2022-2023! 

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