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  Emily Jenkins,

Home Chapter: Broadway

SAE Project(s)
Over the time of my agriculture studies, I have kept a record of my Supervised Agriculture Experience projects. My projects include a Beef Production Entrepreneurship enterprise and a Paid Placement project at the Rockingham County Fair. For my Beef Production SAE, I purchase and raise bred and owned cattle. I raise these cattle for beef as well as for showing purposes. Through these projects I have learned several skills like. How to formulate ideal feed mixes for each animal in the barn to meet their nutritional needs, maintaining proper herd health through vaccinating, deworming, and hoof care. For my Paid Placement SAE at the Rockingham County Fair, I work on the grounds and in the office. Some skills I have learned through this internship are. Time management, Verbal and written communication skills, Strategic planning and scheduling skills, and working one on one with individuals from the community.

Favorite CDE or LDE
My favorite CDE has always been cattle working. Being a cattle kid, it was something that I could easily relate to and use in my day-to-day life. I was on the first-place regional team my freshman year and I loved the aspect on being on a team doing something I have a passion for and using the skills I learned in my barn. Some parts of the competition are completing cattle processing plan, working three calves, by ear tagging and administering vaccines and dewormer in the proper places.

Favorite FFA memory
Through the years I have made so many memories but the ones that are nearest to my heart are the ones I made with such a kind person. Jesse Wade Haviland is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. Jesse sadly passed away on 11/29/2020 and that was the day I lost one of my best friends. Jesse always knew how to put a smile on your face. From our pre competition 7-11 runs to standing on stage receiving CDE & LDE awards I will forever cherish these memories. My by far favorite FFA memory with him is winning the state soils competition and winning a trip to Oklahoma. These are my favorite and most cherished memories, and I will continue to cherish FFA memories knowing he is with me in spirit cheering me on.

Future Plans
After my year of service, I plan to continue my education with Blue Ridge Community College where I will receive my associates degree and then transfer to The University of Tennessee. At the University of Tennessee, I will Major in Ag Business / Sales and Minor in Farm Management. Apon completing my education I plan to have a career based in the agriculture industry, as I travel and learn more about the diversity in agriculture across the world and continue to advocate for the youth in the agriculture industry.
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