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  Makenna Garrett,

Home Chapter: Liberty FFA

SAE Project(s)
During my time in FFA, I have had the opportunity to branch out and explore many different areas of agriculture that have led to many different SAEs, my favorite of these SAEs began in diversified horticulture. I spent my time working on a local flower farm/florist as a farm hand, weeding fields, cutting flowers, creating and implementing pest management systems as well as working to better understand how plants work genetically. From there, I worked my way up to farm manager and then was later able to become a floral designer. As I worked with that florist on their farm, I was able to be a helping hand with opening their first brick and mortar. Through this experience working in a storefront, I was also able to learn how to create arrangements, market arrangements and work with customers.

Favorite CDE or LDE
I have tried a boat load of different CDEs but my all time favorite would be veterinary science. I loved being able to memorize information to then dump into test while also having an opportunity to show the real world practicums I had learned. I also enjoyed the team problem aspect because it gave my team an opportunity to show how much we had prepared as a whole as well as how well we could work together

Favorite FFA memory
My favorite FFA memory is from National Convention in 2019, more specifically October 31st. My vet science team and I were waiting outside at the Indiana fairgrounds to go in for one of our last rounds of the competition in a complete world of nerves. Wearing only our scrubs and a very thin quarter zip in around thirty degree weather, our very cold faces began to feel a sprinkle of snow. At first we were in such a panic of why is it snowing on Halloween but then we realized that this was our moment to let loose and have fun before we went in to compete. I still have many of the photos we took for our 'whoa, it's snowing in October' photoshoot that I love to bring out around my advisor's birthday.

Future Plans
After my year of service I plan to attend Oklahoma State University to major in Agriculture Education. After earning my degree and a M.Ed. I plan to return to Virginia to teach agriculture.
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