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  Prepared Public Speaking  
During the Prepared Public Speaking LDE, students write and deliver a six-to eight - minute speech about a current agriculture-related topic. The speaking skills gained through this event help students excel in school, community, and career.

Event Location & Time
The State Prepared Public Speaking Event is held at the state convention in June. Each FFA area is permitted one contestant in the state event. Areas will host their own speaking events to determine state qualifiers. State qualifiers should register for the state convention and note their participation in the Prepared Public Speaking LDE.

Virginia FFA will have a senior and junior division or the Prepared Public Speaking LDE. Active FFA members who have won their respective division at the area level may participate in the state event. If advisors in grades 7-9 wish to have their students compete at the senior level, they must register their students as a senior competitor with the understanding that those students (even if eligible by grade level for junior awards) will only be eligible for senior team and/or individual recognition and awards. Only students in grades 6-9 are eligible to compete in the junior division.

Manuscript Due Date:
Manuscripts are due June 9th in PDF form electronically by 5pm (email to gseibel@vt.edu).

NameDate AddedSize
Virginia Prepared Public Speaking Rules (Senior & Junior) 5/27/2020 825 KB

Event Information
Event Format:
Single Participant
Must Win Area Event to Compete at State Event

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