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  Environmental & Natural Resources  
The Environmental and Natural Resources Career Development Event (CDE) provides competing students an opportunity gain awareness and demonstrate knowledge in areas that affect our air, soil and water. Competitors interpret data, use measuring devices in the field and work through real-life scenarios involving environmental threats in pursuit of scoring the highest as a team and individual.

2022 Contest Information      

2022 Virginia ENR Contest Guidelines


We look forward to seeing your team at this year’s Virginia ENR CDE! 


A team will consist of 4 members, all scores count.  Official dress is required.


This year’s topic is:

Forestry Eco-Systems- Fire Management


Students will be provided a scenario that deals with Forest Fire Management in the finals round.  Only the top 4 teams will present to judges.  Teams will be evaluated on their ability to work together. Teams will be required to develop both an oral, as well as a written statement, that addresses the questions in the annual scenario.  Teams will submit a written summary of their findings at the end of one hour. Teams will have ten (10) minutes of prep time prior to their oral presentation.  Teams will be required to give an oral presentation justifying the decisions made by the team. The team will have eight minutes to make the oral presentation.  Teams will be required to answer questions regarding the decision reached by their team. The question period will be five minutes in length. 


Resources to review for the written examination and team presentation are located at the end of this email.  


A written exam will consist of fifty questions, multiple choices.  This exam is taken individually with scores combined for a team score. This will be used to determine top ten individual scores.


Annual Practicum  (team activity) will consist of:


Identification –  Students will identify fifty items from the following combined areas. See complete list in the reference section of the national contest handbook.  Equipment, Water Quality,  Aquatics, Wildlife,  Native Species,  Reptiles/Amphibians, Fish, Invasive/Non-native species   


Rotational Practicum (Team Activity from State Rules)

Writing exercise –   Participants will create a written document of 350 words or less that may be a news/press release, letter to the editor, etc.  The document should contain the basic elements/facts customarily found in written publications (who, what, where, when and how). The elements/facts presented are to reflect the thoughts of the participant in relation to the topic being addressed. 

Soil Analysis (lab analysis) Participants may: Use a soil probe to pull a soil sample.  Be given a map or soil survey of a specific field to be sampled and plot areas for pulls.  Analyze actual lab results.  Use this information along with an extension service bulletin to make recommendations that need to be applied.   

TheTop 4 teams will present in the final round.  Flip charts, posters, easels, handouts are permitted and provided.  


*******Computers may not be used


Resources for test and presentation background










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2021 Conservation Choices 6/10/2021 16374 KB
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Virginia FFA Environmental & Natural Resources CDE Guide 5/25/2020 286 KB

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