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Participants in the Agronomy CDE possess an in-depth knowledge of seeds, insects, soils and crops. They must also demonstrate skills in solving complex problems related to crop production.

Event Location & Time
The 2023  Agronomy Career Development Event is held at the state FFA Convention. 

George Jones will be the contest official for 2023 and  is willing to answer questions about the event. 

Other Contest Components:
Judging Classes - Classes 1-6 will use the Old FFA Scorecard to determine point deductions in each sample.
Day 1
1. Class 1 Market Corn.
2. Class 2 Market soybeans
3. Class 3 Soybeans for seed
4. Class 4 Barley or wheat for seed
5. Red clover for seed
6. Orchard grass or Tall Fescue for seed.
7. Plants and Seeds for Identification-1-50 Crops or weeds
*Identification specimens will be plants or seed as specified by National FFA list.
8. Mix hay

Day 2
1. Class 1 Wheat for seed
2. Class 2 Oral reasons
3. Insect Identification Rubric 1-10
4. Plants and seeds for identification 1-50 Crops or weeds
5. Team Problem -Renovating Toxic Fescue Pastures -There will be a time limit on the team
problem. This is in line with the National Agronomy practices

Identification (25 crops and 25 weeds) – Specimens will be intermingled as in National Contest. We will be using the National Agronomy contest Id list.  Some plants will be commonly found immature specimens. (EX. Morningglory, Jimson weed, cocklebur etc.)

Virginia FFA will have a senior and junior division of the Agronomy CDE. If advisors in grades 7-9 wish to have their students compete at the senior level, they must register their students as a senior competitor with the understanding that those students (even if eligible by grade level for junior awards) will only be eligible for senior team and/or individual recognition and awards. Only students in grades 6-9 are eligible to compete in the junior division.

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2022 Contest Information 6/9/2022 13 KB
2023 Contest informaiton 5/24/2023 119 KB
Virginia Agronomy Rules (Senior & Junior) 5/25/2020 1335 KB

Event Information
Event Format:
Team of Four
Compete at State Convention
Day 2 opscan

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