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  Agricultural Communications  
The Agricultural Communications CDE prepares students for careers in journalism, radio and television broadcast, web design, marketing and more.

Event Location & Time
The Agricultural Communications Career Development Event will be held at State Convention in June. Time and location are TBD. 

2023 Topic:

"Your State FFA Association has approached your chapter’s agricultural communications committee to select and promote 
one FFA alum/supporter from your state to various media outlets. Your committee has the option to decide what is included in the promotion of this individual. This promotion might consist of one or more of the following :

A significant, innovative, or unique contribution of the alum/supporter in giving back to FFA or agricultural education programs within the state, their local community, or state-wide initiatives;
A special project, event, or issue/challenge supported by efforts from the alum/supporter within FFA or agricultural education programs within the state;
A unique service, action, or mentorship the alum/supporter provides to FFA or agricultural education programs within the state;
Fundraising or scholarship support efforts initiated by the alum/supporter for FFA or agricultural education programs within the state;
Other attributes associated with the alum/supporter that supports FFA and agricultural education programs, the local community, or state-wide initiatives.

Please remember that the plan should also focus on promoting agriculture, agricultural education, and the agricultural industry to consumers in your state."

Active FFA members from the same chapter in grades 7-12 may constitute a team of four members.

Media Plan Due Date

An electronic copy of the media plan in PDF format (no larger than 20 megabytes) must be emailed to  gseibel@vt.edu and alisonks@vt.edu by June 9, 5 p.m. EST. A penalty of 10 percent of available media plan points will be assessed for any late submissions. If the document is not received seven days after the deadline, the team may be subject to disqualification. In addition, no chapter team changes will be accepted after June 10 for Agricultural Communications.

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Virginia Agricultural Communications Rules 5/25/2020 1106 KB

Event Information
Event Format:
Team of Four
Compete at State Convention


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