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  Livestock Evaluation  
During the Livestock Evaluation Career Development Event (CDE), students work within teams to rank breeding and market classes of beef, sheep and swine and give oral reasons to back up their decisions. 

Students participating in this CDE make accurate and logical observations of livestock, decide on the desirable traits in marketing and breeding livestock, and select and market livestock that will satisfy consumer demands and provide increased economic returns to producers. 

Understanding what makes a good market or breeding beef, sheep or swine is valuable knowledge for the decisions every livestock producer has to make. This CDE also encourages students to communicate proficiently, interpret data and work as a team — skills that translate into other career opportunities. 

Event Location & Time
The 2023  Livestock Evaluation Career Development Event will be  held at Virginia Tech during the 97th Virginia FFA State Convention. It will be held in conjunction with the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. 

The contest will take place over two days (Tuesday, June 20th and Wednesday, June 21st). Day One will include individual and team activities. The top 10 teams and the top 20 individuals (could be junior or senior teams) will advance to the second day of activities which will include judging classes and giving oral reasons.

Please find the full rules and event structure in the guide below. 

Event Information
Event Format:
Team of Four
Compete at State Convention

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